Sunday, April 3, 2011

Magical Angel Creamy Mami First Impression

I've decided to start watching some older mahou shoujo series, starting with Magical Angel Creamy Mami because, well....because that's what was available. As much as the title sugguests the series is some kind of porn, it's extremely innocent. The series seems to take place in a world of perfect peace (as evidenced by the fact that the police have nothing better to do than chase Yuu, the main character, around when she borrows her Dad's scooter), so I'm not expecting any kind of action or magic battles.

The main themes seem to be prepbescent ideas of sexuality and adulthood. Yuu is tomboyish and adventurous. Her best friend is Toshio, who is surprisingly interesting for a boy in a mahou shoujo show. Yuu clearly isn't concerned with being pretty, sexy, or cute. She just wants to have fun and enjoy her life. She's impulsive and rash-a prototypical genki girl.

The show has a very surreal feel to it. Yuu encounters some aliens that look like Snarf from The Thundercats, makes friends, and has a bizarrely symbolic psychedelic ride aboard their spaceship. As you do. Even outside the spaceship things seem a little too bright and pleasant to be real, much like the inside of a Hello Kitty coloring book. Since Yuu is able to see the spaceship when no one else can, she is given magical powers (just accept that, it's probably all the explanation we'll get) that allow her to transform into Creamy Mami, a 16 year-old version of herself. Creamy Mami will almost certainly be my drag queen stage name. In a lot of ways Mami is a parody of puberty-she's pretty and elegant, where Yuu is awkward and bulky. It's very idealized; right away I'm thinking that Mami won't need to deal with any of the troubling issues like eating disorders (or for that matter, zits) that real-life teenagers would struggle with.

Like I said, I'm not expecting much other than cute fluff and wish fulfillment from this show. It's a classic and one that helped established the genre so it seems worth the attention. I'll also be reviewing Suite Precure by the episode as soon as I get caught up. I'll be doing Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Dog Days, Astallote no Omocha!, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, and Sengoku Otome-Momoiro Paradox. Shooot, that's a lotta anime. ;-; I might not stick with all of these...But, I wanna keep the blog relevant. There aren't many magical girl shows this season, but these seem like they might be related.

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  1. I really adore this anime ;u;! It's not quite as cutesy as recent mahou shoujo series, but it's wonderful! Cute, Magical, and addictive x3! I hope you stick with it :D!