Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring 2011 is a Bad Time for Anime

Remember those anime I said I'd review? I tried. I really did. But there's no way I can force myself to watch more than one episode of these things.

Let's start with Battle Girls – Time Paradox.

Boobs. Boobs and lots of them. Normally I can overlook a boob explosion, assuming there's anything else of substance in the show. But in this case, the boobs are really too overwhelming. The show is nothing but fanservice, with no substance at all. The main character, a girl who accidentally fell through time, is dumber than a sack of dead rocks. The time-travel idea isn't terribly original, and the gender-bending is poorly done...I can't watch another episode. Oh, and there's a talking dog with a samuri helmet at the end of the first episode. I'm saying that as an after thought, because that's apparently how the show's creators felt about it. It's like one of them said " guys...does this seem kinda...awful?" And the others said "Oh, it is...lets add a talking dog, that should help!"

Speaking of dogs, I tried to watch Dog Days as well.
The issue with Dog Days is that it's basically a bad version of The Familiar of Zero, which was only good because Louise was so tsundere. It's another cookie cutter plot with no original thoughts aside from the fact that everyone has dog ears and a tail. Some crappy nobody from the present day is pulled back in time to become a medieval hero. What's up with the time travel shows lately? It's a popular idea, but every seems to be doing it so badly. The one thing this show has going for it is that it's cute.'s cute if you think everyone having the exact same face and confused look is cute.

As for Suite Precure...
I'm gonna admit, I'm not especially enjoying it. Magical girl plots tend to be pretty predictable, but the first show in the series offered some nice takes on the standard 'friendship-love-purity' triumvirate. I didn't watch any of the other Pretty Cure shows, though...and I have the feeling that by Suite Precure the franchise is running thin.

In regard to animation...I had no issue with the style during Pretty Cure, but somehow it seems too stretched out and plastic-y in this incarnation. There's a happy medium to be found in animation-too dark and realistic is boring, but too bright and exaggerated makes it hard for me to think of the characters as anything but a bunch of lines on a screen.

Character development is predictable, but at least it's there. It's clear that, although the Precure series has been around for a few years, it's nto meant to grow with it's audience. Rather, it's staying on the same level and bringing in new viewers with each incarnation. That's alright, I guess. -.-

Mostly, it's Hummy that's making it hard for me to watch the show. It's too cute, too over the top, too...intolerable. Look at this thing, then look at QB.

Doesn't it seem kinda lacking? With a frozen face like that, I expect it to be more sinister.

Issues aside, it's a pretty good series. The musical theme is unique, and it's making good use of the standard magical girl themes and stock characters. I'm only up to episode 4, so there's still time for it to get awesome.

I'm reserving judgment on Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, and Lotte no Omocha until I've seen more of them.

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