Thursday, April 21, 2011

End of Madoka-Take 1

Aaarg, I'm trying to watch it but our internet is being a dick and is such a crappy site and AAARG.

QB is right about t he cattle thing, I fucking hate that fuck.

How does manage to have ads? I thought these streaming sites were illegal. -.- Okay. I think I've got it. "Emotion is a mental disorder". I hate this. He's so fucking right. Dear god, i'm gonna have to re-watch this whole series and make sense of it again. This is the first anime i've seen in a while that deals with death, actually acknowledges it as a damaging thing, not just something you pick yourself up from. This is such fatalistic "you cannot advance" bullshit.
Aaand, on to part two. Where's my Morning Lescue commercial? ;-;

Here we go. Some heart-wrenching HNNNNGGGG, googly eyed Madoka...shit, this is too sad. Homuro, I'd save you from that sadness if i could.

Ah, okay, now i see why they postponed airing this one. Evacuation, evacuation, anime Katrina tiem. Oh WHAT THE FUCK green elephants, shit just got real. This is it, Homura. This is it. Do your best. I know you can't save her, but please make her proud...
Neat trick with that truck, by the way...all that object levitation is quite cool actually and oh, wait, they're not in a pocket dimension, fuck. Tokyo just got fucked. Or..wait, were they in one? No, no, the area was evacuated.

So, Homura has basically acquired a kind of terrible immortality, she has no choice but to keep fighting and keep losing. I can't accept that fate, not when she's worked so hard.

No, no, Madoka, take your mom with you. She can fix it. I'm sure, sure, sure she can change things. You just need to do something different and unexpected and you could break the cycle. Or not. Damn it.

Ahn. But, is this the first time she's lost without Madoka? Maybe, this will make a differences. Homura, hang in there! Don't die, please dont die. No. No, no nononononononononono fucccc-wait.

Madoka's got this. We'll get our happy ending, I'm sure. Make the right contract, Madoka.

On to episode 12. I hope there's more later. Advertisement, again. L.A. Noire looks like a terrible game.

Alright, back to the show. Madoka seems to finally understand...but, god, Homura...I don't want to see her suffer...(guess I've got a favorite character). Why hasn't anyone wished for the world to never end? Maybe they have...

Fucking QB eyes.

Whoa. She just..undid reality.


YES! what?

A new reality? Pineapple cake?

Ahn...Mami-san? Is that you? ;-; I missed you...Apparently this is Madoka's psychotic break...It's peaceful. Can we stay here?

Whoa...Magi Madoka is really stunning...QB looks like he wants emotions...Im almost feeling, strike that. I want to see him suffer...She's really doing it...she's won.

Holy shit, black magical girl, fuck me. I want a show about that one! AGH.

So, everyone ever is avoiding becoming a witch...Is it okay now?

What happened? Why is there only Homura? Oh shit. Hell of a soul gem. Looks...dangerous? Create or destroy arent they really the same thing, isnt our perception of time the only real difference.

Fuck me that's a serious monster. We lost? No. Eternal Madoka! Whoa, that hair that dress that reality-shattering KABOOM. Madoka is now god. And now she's erased, a non-being. But isn't it worth it?

She's happy with it? She is, isn't she. If it's better, why does it hurt so much? Oh, fuck, time for part 2. Here's that L.A. Noire ad again. Awful graphics.

So, Madoka is matter is god is time is reality is hope is love is immaterial. It's not okay...but it's the best we can hope for. And I'll believe in Madoka's miracle. I'll believe forever...

Here's the guy Sayaka died for. And Sayaka. I'm not too thrilled with either of them, to tell the truth. too small, too normal. Her wish was too noble. It clearly hurts her to be like that..And then she evaporated, apparently. They're becoming undone...

They don't become witches anymore, they just disappear. That's better, isn't it? To not suffer, at least. And Madoka is remembered, so maybe she will get her miracle. And...QB doesn't seem so bad this time around either. Those demons look awful...not witches though. there's that at least.

I need time to digest this. It hurts. It literally hurts in my chest. I haven't reacted this strongly to an anime since I saw Zoicite die (shut up >:( it was a big deal.).

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